it goes up and down then it starts again

April 24, 2014

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I’ve been a fan of the crop top since I was 12 and it was inappropriate for me to be wearing a crop top. Lucky for me these cute little things came back in style almost as fast as they went out. I love pairing a crop with a high waisted skirt for a cheeky little flash of skin (see here and here). I got this one from Boohoo in two colors and will likely get more. At 10 dollars it’s a no brainer!


I. Love. Iggy.


Crop Top – Boohoo / Skirt – Boohoo (now on sale) / Bag – Mansur Gavriel / Sunglasses – House of Harlow / Pumps – Zara / Photography – Monica Roy

so won’t you hold on a little longer

April 22, 2014

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I didn’t even realize that the majority of this outfit was vintage until looking at these pictures. Its nice to switch it up every once in a while right? I’ve had this belt for about a year now and while I love it, I never got around to wearing it. Until now. I never thought myself much of a red girl but it seems to be popping into my wardrobe more and more.


Love this song.


Top – Zara (similar) / Shorts – Vintage / Belt – Vintage Escada / Bag – Vintage Gucci / Pumps – Zara / Sunglasses – House of Harlow / Photography – Monica Roy

gonna be everything

April 21, 2014

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After a pretty great weekend and a deliciously low key Easter Sunday, I’m actually in a good mood despite that its Monday. No one likes a moody Monday girl.


My immediate inclination was to dress these sequined Zara shorts up but I really liked the way they look paired with my new low key Freda Salvador loafers and an oversized men’s button down. I used to think that sequins were only for the holidays but oh how wrong I was.


Listen to this.


Shirt – Vintage / Shorts – Zara / Loafers – Freda Salvador / Bag – Furla / Photography – Monica Roy

love more

April 16, 2014

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White and denim are classic. Theres something undeniably fresh and crisp about the combination. But what happens when said denim is a pair of short overalls and is combined with a slouchy sweater? Classic gets a bit more fun.


I’m loving these overalls that I picked up at Bloomingdales a few weeks back. They are ridiculously comfortable and put a fun spin on my ever-favorite clothing item (shorts, duh). Can’t wait to pair these babies with a crop top when its a bit warmer!


Love more here.


Overalls – Blank NYC / Sweater – Valette via Nordstrom / Pumps – Zara / Sunglasses – Celine / Bag – Furla / Photography – Monica Roy