so won’t you hold on a little longer

April 22, 2014

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I didn’t even realize that the majority of this outfit was vintage until looking at these pictures. Its nice to switch it up every once in a while right? I’ve had this belt for about a year now and while I love it, I never got around to wearing it. Until now. I never thought myself much of a red girl but it seems to be popping into my wardrobe more and more.


Love this song.


Top – Zara (similar) / Shorts – Vintage / Belt – Vintage Escada / Bag – Vintage Gucci / Pumps – Zara / Sunglasses – House of Harlow / Photography – Monica Roy

gonna be everything

April 21, 2014

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After a pretty great weekend and a deliciously low key Easter Sunday, I’m actually in a good mood despite that its Monday. No one likes a moody Monday girl.


My immediate inclination was to dress these sequined Zara shorts up but I really liked the way they look paired with my new low key Freda Salvador loafers and an oversized men’s button down. I used to think that sequins were only for the holidays but oh how wrong I was.


Listen to this.


Shirt – Vintage / Shorts – Zara / Loafers – Freda Salvador / Bag – Furla / Photography – Monica Roy

love more

April 16, 2014

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White and denim are classic. Theres something undeniably fresh and crisp about the combination. But what happens when said denim is a pair of short overalls and is combined with a slouchy sweater? Classic gets a bit more fun.


I’m loving these overalls that I picked up at Bloomingdales a few weeks back. They are ridiculously comfortable and put a fun spin on my ever-favorite clothing item (shorts, duh). Can’t wait to pair these babies with a crop top when its a bit warmer!


Love more here.


Overalls – Blank NYC / Sweater – Valette via Nordstrom / Pumps – Zara / Sunglasses – Celine / Bag – Furla / Photography – Monica Roy


crossing a line that don’t exist

April 15, 2014

IMG_9814 IMG_9740 IMG_9735 IMG_9821

I’m pretty much the opposite of a tomboy. I don’t much care for sports (unless they’re live and thats only for the food and drinks), I don’t like violent movies (boys like those right?) or any of the stereotypical “boy things”. I, however, do love boyish clothes.  Flannels, beanies and t shirts – I live in them. And if I’m wearing jeans, I love them baggy. Boyfriend jeans are by far my favorite cut.


I love how this top from Zara looks uber conservative until you turn to the side. I might have to get it in orange and blue as well. It’s casual but sexy vibe is perfect with these jeans from Gap. If you haven’t noticed, Zara’s Spring collection is ridiculously good. Check it out.


Sexy song for today.


Shirt – Zara / Jeans – Gap / Shoes – Pura Lopez / Bag – Furla / Photography – Talya Brott