i wish i missed it


You know when you’re waiting for the perfect occasoin to wear something? I’ve had this Ralph Lauren dress for two years. Maybe more. And I haven’t worn it until now. What was the occasion? Absolutely nothing. I was sick of waiting. Song of the day – Blud by SOAK Dress – Ralph Lauren / Sandals – J. Crew / Bag… Read More

you love to your limit


I’ve mentioned plenty of times that I am not a pants person. I don’t like how they look, I don’t like how they feel. But they are easy and convenient and I’m slowly starting to wear them on the regular. Don’t get me wrong, if theres any reason to wear shorts or a dress I’ll wear them, but summer in San Francisco… Read More

obsession: smoke x mirrors


I have a new obsession. That obsession is Smoke x Mirrors eyewear. The showroom I work for just started representing the brand and I couldn’t be more excited. Sunglasses really get me going – the right pair can completely make an otherwise blah outfit. Smoke x Mirrors has tons of styles and colors and the perfect mix of fun and… Read More

i introduce her to this hippy life


   I am a sucker for a cute romper. Is there anything better? I last wore this one by Faithfull The Brand in Naples, Florida for New Years Eve and hadn’t had a chance to pull it back out until now. Some rompers are hard (for me) to wear over and over but the simple stripes of this one make… Read More

you’re the treasure, dive down deeper


More pics from yesterdays post! And Happy Friday! P.S. Follow me on Bloglovin! All my followers were erased along with my blog Song of the day – 1o,ooo Emerald Pools by BORNS Top – Addison / Shorts – One Teaspoon / Jean Jacket – Zara / Sandals – J. Crew / Hat – J. Crew / Photography – Mia Hennessey    

chaos around but inside cozy


The bigger, the better. This hat is my new favorite thing. J. Crew is slowly and steadily becoming a favorite store of mine, which is in large part to my somewhat newfound desire to simplify my wardrobe. I’m finding that I can’t be bothered with the same outlandish things I used to flock to – I just haven’t got the time… Read More

up close: white blazer and one teaspoons


Here are some up close shots of yesterdays post. I really love how this J. Crew white blazer really pulls together a look and gives it an instant chic factor. I’d been searching for a white blazer for a long time but was discouraged by how cheap the inexpensive ones looked and how expensive the higher end ones were. J. Crew to… Read More

white blazer and one teaspoons


I’m back! I took some time off from the blog (obviously) and I’m actually very happy that I did. It was beginning to become a bit of a burden and I didn’t want it to turn into something that left a bad taste in my mouth. I started this blog because I thought it would be fun, because it was something… Read More

i think i’ve found magnificence


You know that I’m not that into pants, but these bad boys are both comfortable and cute as hell so they’re good in my book. I took these photographs in the Marina with my friend Mia (thanks Mia!) on a food filled Sunday that included, but was not limited to, St. Louis style pizza at Tony’s, chimichurri avocado bruschetta and chili…. Read More

met him on sunday, loved him by tuesday afternoon


1. I will gladly accept leather in any form. Including pockets. 2. Weirdly shaped shirts and shoes make me happy. 3. Happy Humpday! Halfway through the week means that I’m thissss close to a long break for the holidays. I am feeling all kinds of romantic and holiday-y even in this rainy gray weather. It’s awesome. Today, listen to Everyday… Read More